On August 14th, 2017, the Executive Power sanctioned Decree No. 7605 which regulates a series of articles of Law No. 5538/2015, which main objective is the establishment of the measures necessary for the protection of the population’s health of the health, social, environmental and economical consequences derived from the consumption of tobacco and the exposure to the smoke of tobacco products.

The relevant aspects of the Decree are the following:

  • 1. The messages and health warnings related to tobacco products, particularly, the areas designated for smoking, which include: a) open areas; and b) enclosed areas especially designated to that effect. The Decree allows pubs, restaurants, bars, casinos, etc. to designate certain closed areas especially for the purposes of smoking. The same also establishes the messages, signs, warnings and requirements that said areas should comply with.
  • 2. The contents of the communication or publicity performed in the stores and sales points of tobacco articles, which shall necessary contain the following inscription: “Smoking produces cancer and respiratory diseases. Warning of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare.”
  • 3. Prohibition as regards to certain types of communications, for example: a) those that utilized pictures/photographs of children as well as those that utilize pictures/photographs of figures or characters that are representative of children or teenagers; b) publicity related to family environments, unless the people within the same are adults and are presented in meetings/reunions for adults; c) publicity related or linked to sports or athletic activities which require a good physical condition, among other examples;
  • 4. Rules related to the Packaging and Labelling of the Products;
  • 5. The Programs for the Prevention and Control of Tobacco Consumption, of which the General Office of Health Surveillance, a dependency of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare, is in charge;
  • 6. The sanctions for the violation of the Law and the Decree, which include not only the corporations that may infringe such norms, but also their directives and officers.

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